Folk/rock singer-songwriter Annette has the ability to slip through the keyhole of life to gather up, heart in hand, music and lyrics that touch the soul and jump start the heart. She’s been part of the music scene for over twenty-five years, having worked with groups Folle Avoine and Hart Rouge before embarking on a solo career. Singing in both French and English with her brother and sisters, her work with Hart Rouge spans more than ten years and boasts an impressive list of accomplishments: six albums, several radio hits and many tours across Canada, Europe and the United States.

Annette then decided to leave Hart Rouge to pursue a solo career and released in 1997 a debut album with Zero Musique Records called Sauter de Haut. The album garnered excellent reviews and generated three radio hits that climbed the charts in Québec and French Canada.

“SAUTER DE HAUT, Annette’s first solo project, is probably the best album released by a female artist in Quebec in years.  Annette recounts her experiences with a combination of flair and modesty to make her more than just an interesting writer.  Definitely someone to discover.”
Laurent Saulnier, Voir Montréal

She then took some time to change gears, to start a family and to teach. During this time, she hosted Radio-Canada/CBC’s afternoon drive show in Saskatchewan and was chosen for the ‘Artist in Residence’ program for two straight years.

With a new perspective and the desire to once again devote herself to music, Annette then came back with her first English album in 2009 called You Gotta Laugh and in 2010 with J’peux pas demander mieux.

“Annette Campagne returns with her first English album with fabulous results.  Heavily influenced by the great folkie singer-songwriters of the 70’s like James Taylor and Carly Simon, Annette takes the genre and makes it all new again.  Light funky rhythms, gorgeous melodies and introspective lyrics make this one a winner.”
Duke Eatmon, CBC Montreal

And now, Annette is poised to release her latest album featuring a return to what she does best; ‘acoustic rock weaved together by strong pop melodies and dynamic rhythms. With ‘Papillon amiral’ she paints a soulful tapestry, another exiting portrait of deep-grounded earthiness with powerful lyrics and soulful rhythmic inventions. Comprised of 11 songs (8 French and 3 English), Annette is a singer songwriter at the top of her game, recounting stories with a combination of flair and modesty.

Her songs have the ability to create a ‘comfortable connectedness’ and a ‘feel good atmosphere’. Her writing is positive, not in a ‘fleur blue everything is wonderful way’, but one based in a faith-infused reality and self-empowering optimism, weaving through life’s paradoxes with a mix of compassion, contemplative detachment and humor leaving one with a refreshing sense of hope and faith. She delivers a mix of contemporary folk, melodic pop and acoustic rock with a sweet and soulful voice.

She proves she is the quintessential Canadian artist; the bilingual, straight-shooting poet of a prairie girl who has seen the world but who revels in her prairie roots. She’s the hip, urban musician standing in a field of wheat singing about heartbreak and the thrill of new beginnings; about the refusal to compromise; about fury and forgiveness. Annette’s music is smooth and soulful with a hit of big sky country. It is the work of an artist whose mettle has been tested.

Nominations and prizes

2011: Nominated at awards gala ‘Les Trille d’or’ as Western Canadian artist of the year.

Nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award for best francophone recording of the year

Recipient of the ‘Prix Mercure’ for her contribution to arts and culture in Saskatchewan

Winner of the ‘Musiclips’ CBC contest

2010: Winner of Songwriter Universe best song of the month contest with Freudian slip

1997: Socan songwriter’s award for the song ‘Inconditionnel’




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