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Papillon amiral is a wonderful tableau of paradoxical portraits about the essence of life, offered up by the richness of Annette’s songwriting and performances. The evocative beauty of this album comes to life through her sultry yet strong voice and is accentuated by some very ingenious arrangements. From beginning to end, the harmony, accuracy and power of the proposed music provides the strength needed for this album to captivate us. PAPILLON AMORAL is a jewel waiting to be discovered ‘

Marc Lalonde des ondes


This fourth solo album from singer songwriter ‘Annette’ presents an artist at the top of her game. Not only does she offer well-crafted lyrics infused with strong and evocative images, but she manages to present them with varied rhythms and melodies. The songs on this record are never predictable, which is the hallmark of a person who masters all aspects of her art.

And then there is the beautiful voice of the artist, a voice both sweet and very strong, where ferocity sometimes gives way to calm, where sweetness folds into fury and where sadness alternates with joy.

Paul Savoie Magazine ‘Liaison’




Canadian songwriter ‘Annette’ is back with a new album, the 4th of her solo career. “In a pop-rock sound, it’s an album marked by the authenticity, the tenderness and the strength of this artist whose music is an hymn to life.”

The Express Toronto


‘Annette Campagne’s singing remains impeccable and her presence brings a boost of confidence that gives life to the eleven songs of “Papillon amiral’. ‘…she manages to provide a very personal and authentic album full of effective melodies and shining moments’.

Jean-Étienne Sheehy (Francopresse)



We discover a melancholic, clear but never cynical Papillon amiral that does not necessarily presume to touch the sky, but is anchored in the soil on which it grew up. Annette redraws the contours of her world and convenes us to a colorful setting from outside and from within, a naturalistic setting of Impressionist words filled with flare, finesse and glowing emotion.

Maud Cucchi, Le Droit



Discovering Annette Campagne is a true pleasure. One cannot help but feel the enthusiasm in her voice mingled with a sense of serenity that comes with age and experience … and a return to her rocker roots.

Huguette Young (Francopresse)


Annette’s lyrics, whether in French or English, take us back to real life and reality, leaving us with a refreshing sense of hope and love and a taste for travel and freedom. –



Listening to PAPILLON AMIRAL, we see how this woman has both feet firmly planted in a reality she loves and cherishes, be it with ‘TERRE MÈRE’ or “JAMAIS DIRE JAMAIS’, where the importance of hope is reborn even in moments of great turmoil.

Quebec media spotl

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